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RE/MAX Commercial is apart of the world’s most productive real estate network while being a strong leader in commercial and investment arenas. Part of our Commercial success at RE/MAX comes from the extensive local market knowledge our certified agents hold, the strategic guidance we offer our clients and the across-the board-highest of quality service our clients receive from us. We deliver a level of confidence, trust and awareness that can’t be matched. Our RE/MAX agents represent all aspects of commercial investments on both the buyer and seller’s side, working with individuals or investment groups while offering professional knowledge on investment strategies, financing options and local market insight. 

RE/MAX Commercial Provides:

  • A diverse catalog of commercial properties in Aruba.
  • Certified professional agents specializing in commercial real estate assisting in every step of the process.
  • Regularly updated information regarding the local commercial real estate and investment market.
  • Business & investment understanding in today’s fast paced commercial environment.   


Our Areas of Specialization  

At  RE/MAX Commercial we offer investments opportunities such as multi-family homes i.e. apartment complexes or development projects, commercial properties for rent/sale, as well as land plots intended for residential and/or commercial developments. We also offer businesses for sale such as restaurants, retail stores etc. 


Investing in Aruba  

Aruba offers a safe environment for investment and is considered one of the safest places to invest in the Caribbean due to us being apart of the Netherlands justice system. Aruba’s economy continues to steadily grow due to the booming tourism sector. This has impart risen property value over the years as well asquality of life for residents being the highest in the Caribbean and the crime rates, unemployment being the lowest. Another benefit of investing in Aruba is that you will not need to worry about your investment as Aruba is also situated outside of the Hurricane Belt.


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